Wig Aftercare Service

Wig Aftercare Service, Image Group London

We are always on hand with help and advice if you need it, offering an in-salon maintenance service to keep your wigs in great condition. A well maintained wig should last you for up to 1 year depending the hair type with regular salon maintenance visits.

Shampooing & Conditioning (Synthetic wigs)

We recommend a wig cleansing shampoo, which you are able to purchase from us. Wash your wig approximately every two weeks as natural oils can clog in the weft or hand tied area of your wig caps.

• Turn your wig inside out
• Add shampoo to a small bowl of tepid water
• Soak the wig for 5 minutes and gently squeeze the cap
• Wash twice then rinse in cold water
• Add balm to cold water
• Soak the wig for 2 minutes and gently squeeze the cap
• Rinse in cold water
• Blot and towel dry then apply a spray leave in conditioner
• Shake and brush your wig


Do not over brush your wig, as this can cause damage, just lightly brushing it keeps the hair looking more natural. Our brushes are widely spaced bristles and are great for creating volume to your wig.

Aftercare for human hair wigs, monofilament & hand tied

Cleanse your human hair wig with the shampoo and conditioner that we recommend, always keeping it in a straight configuration. We will show you how to maintain your new wig or hairpiece.

Once cleansed apply the conditioner to mid length and ends, leave for 3 minutes, then rinse with cool water. Blot in a towel all the time leaving the wig in a straight configuration, do not matt or rub.

Blow dry the inside of the cap with warm air, to dry and tighten the knots on the hand tied area, or monofilament piece. Once dried the hair can be brushed and styled.

We recommend you purchase an IGL work head so you can style your wig. We can wash and style your wig if you prefer, just drop it into the salon or send by post.

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