Radiotherapy and Hair Loss

Hair loss can begin to occur following a course of Radiotherapy. The severity can vary significantly in relation to the dosage and regularity of the treatment. The hair loss is normally isolated to the treatment area and exit area on the opposite side.

Managing the Effects

Thinning Hair

If you hair has become thin, our PureHair™ Connections offer the perfect solution, offering lightweight real human hair to add volume to the affected area. These last for around three months and are added to your hairline to make the hair look thicker. The extensions are easy to manage and allow you to treat your hair like your own. Our guide price is between £150 to £400 depending on your individual requirements.

Permanent Hair Loss

If your Radiotherapy treatment has caused permanent hair loss, the PureHair™ System is recommended to replace hair loss. Depending on the severity, in some cases we can use the PureHair™ Integration System to integrate with your existing hair. Each system will require adjustments every six to eight weeks and generally lasts for 24 months.

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