Hair Extension Aftercare

Hair Extension Aftercare, Image Group London

Once having beautiful hair extensions it is important to keep them looking as lovely as the day you walked out of our salon. We support you throughout your time with your extensions and we are always on hand with help and advice if you needed it.

Well maintained hair extensions should last you for up to 4 months depending on your hair type with regular salon maintenance visits.

We advice you with certain washing techniques and find the easiest way for you to maintain them best suited to you. We offer a 3 month guarantee and within that time we offer any training you need free of charge.


To keep your hair extensions looking fabulous we recommend a deep cleansing shampoo from Paul Mitchell, which you are able to purchase from us. Washing your hair and bonds squeaky clean is highly recommended. Natural oils can break down the bonds as well as moisturising products. Washing your hair well can prevent oily build ups.


Apply a good detangle conditioner to the mid lengths and ends of the hair, avoid the bonds as this moisture will break them down. Once towel dried apply a leave in conditioner and we recommend our heat protector products in order to keep the hair looking and feeling great.


Regular brushing keeps the hair looking more natural, our brushes are widely spaced with fine bristles and are softer than normal. The brush cushion protects the bonds and allows you to run it through the hair at the roots without snagging them.

Blow drying and styling

Wrap hair into a towel and allow excess water to soak into towel or squeeze gently. Apply styling products before and after blow drying to the mid lengths and ends, this will prevent frizziness and damage. Curling tongs and straightening irons can be used on the hair, but avoid the bonds, as this will melt the bonds and loosen the hair. We will teach you how best to blow dry and style your hair.

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