Chemotherapy Hair Loss

Chemotherapy Hair Loss (Anagen Effluvium)

‘Widespread hair loss affecting the scalp, face and body usually as a result of Cancer treatment’
One of the most common causes is Chemotherapy and in most cases the hair will start to grow back a few months after the treatment has stopped. In some cases other treatments such as radiotherapy and immunotherapy may also cause hair loss. At IGL we know that hair loss can be a very distressing aspect when fighting cancer however we CAN help you to manage the effects of your treatment. Many of our clients have chosen to mask the appearance of hair loss using our PureHair Wigs. However we have a vast range of Wig collections, please see the gallery for more information and do not hesitate to contact us and arrange a consultation. Here at IGL our staff are compassionate and caring, where everything is tailored to your individual needs.

Chemotherapy Hair Loss Solutions

Find out more about our Female Hair Loss Replacement Solutions or call our caring team to book your FREE one-to-one consultation on 01252 331302.

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