Bio Sculpture

Bio Sculpture Gel Nails, Image Group London

Image Group London will always keep your hands looking their best.

Bio Sculpture Gel was developed by Elmien Scholt when she wanted a product for a natural looking nail that had a shine, flexibility and hard protection. Bio Sculpture Gel is now widely used as it gives a neat well groomed appearance and doesn’t chip or wear away at the free edge, giving the client a 2 week manicure.

Bio Sculpture Gel looks as thin as your own nail but with added strength and a flawless finish. It can be applied over gel extensions and artificial tips and also protects the growth of the natural nail. The gel is applied onto a prepared nail and cures under a UV lamp in 2 minutes, so no time waiting for them to dry. The gel is removed without damaging the natural nail and can be soaked off in less than 15 minutes.

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