Hair Loss Conditions

Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia

Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia ‘A severe form of hair loss, potentially causing a few inches of permanent hair loss from the hairline’ Also known as Scarring Alopecia, it is thought that is related to an auto-immune response, attacking the hair follicles and causing permanent damage as the hair falls out and is unable to grow back. […]

Chemotherapy Hair Loss

Chemotherapy Hair Loss (Anagen Effluvium) ‘Widespread hair loss affecting the scalp, face and body usually as a result of Cancer treatment’ One of the most common causes is Chemotherapy and in most cases the hair will start to grow back a few months after the treatment has stopped. In some cases other treatments such as […]

Telogen Effluvium

Telogen Effluvium ‘General shedding and thinning of the hair from the scalp’ It usually occurs a few months after a proposed shock to the body such as extreme stress, fever, childbirth, sudden weight loss or a reaction to medication. It causes the hair follicles to enter a resting phase due to the normal cycle of […]

Trichotillomania (TTM)

Trichotillomania (TTM) Hair Pulling and Resultant Hair Loss ‘Is a condition in which a person feels an overwhelming desire to pull out their hair’ TTM is an impulse-control disorder, a psychological condition whereby you are unable to refrain from doing it. Sufferers can pull hair from any part of their body but usually the scalp […]

Female Pattern Hair Loss

Androgenetic Alopecia ‘Also known as Male/Female pattern Baldness’ Male pattern baldness is more common than female pattern baldness, usually affecting around half of all men by 50 years of age. Female pattern baldness usually becomes more common in women after the menopause. In males it usually follows a pattern of a receding hairline, followed by […]


Alopecia Areata ‘A general medical term used to describe patches of hair loss that may come and go’ Alopecia Areata is an auto-immune condition. The immune system (the body’s natural defence against bacteria and viruses) for unknown reasons, attacks the hair follicles causing hair to fall out. Fortunately the damage to the follicles is temporary […]

Radiotherapy and Hair Loss

Hair loss can begin to occur following a course of Radiotherapy. The severity can vary significantly in relation to the dosage and regularity of the treatment. The hair loss is normally isolated to the treatment area and exit area on the opposite side. Managing the Effects Thinning Hair If you hair has become thin, our […]

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